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Wimbledon Final Cupcakes!

I’m such a happy Brit right now! Anyone who knows my family will know that we love tennis, so Wimbledon has been permanently on our TV these last two weeks. And best of all Andy Murray won!

Throughout the year we always put a few decorations up and create a little spread for events that occur. So not just the usual holidays (Christmas, Easter and Halloween) but everything in between from the Olympics, Eurovision, anything requiring a Union Jack! and of course Wimbledon. It may seem a little sad, but why not! It’s all I’ve ever known and it’s nice to get into the spirit of things, not to mention it gives an excuse to get crafty.

Although I’m mainly going to show the cupcakes I made, I  quickly had to show off this amazing bunting that I bought. I found it about two years ago now whilst browsing Etsy  and just had to get some. I’ve taken the photo below from the listing that is still on Etsy, we actually have ours hanging across our fireplace (I’ll take a photo of it at some point).

The shop is OldhausVintage, she creates all handmade bunting for all sorts of events. It’s such good quality and has inspired me to sew something myself for next year.

You’ve already seen the Wimbledon Cheats Jam Tarts I posted last week however I had to make some cupcakes to go with them.

I made one batch of chocolate cupcakes using a Mary Berry recipe (which makes 12 cupcakes). Mary Berry is the queen of cakes and I’ve never had anything go wrong with her recipes, so I definitely recommend her books.

Firstly I decorated six cakes by pipping whipped cream using a Wilton large drop flower tip. Cored and slicing strawberries in half, I placed a single half on each cake.

Originally I came across someone who had made chocolate tennis rackets. I searched high and low for the mould they used but to no avail. The few I did come across were all from America and I could not justify the shipping costs just for a chocolate mould!

So instead I managed to find these hand made edible sugar decorations, that are finished with edible lustre on eBay.  I was nervous about how well they would get to me being delicate but they turned out brilliantly.


The remaining six cakes were topped with buttercream with a few drops of apple green food colouring added. I tend to buy all my food colouring from Lawson’s as they do a great range of colours.

Using a Wilton No.233 tip to create the look of grass, this tip is so effective! I covered as much as I could even doing a second layer on some parts to make it look fuller.  Next I used Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing in yellow, rolling out thinly and cutting out discs. The white lines were piped on using Dr. Oetker White Designer Icing.

And Voila!

I’m so pleased with the way they turned out. Sorry if I waffled a little throughout this post!


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