Fillable Wooden Letters

Decorating letters of the mache and wooden variety are all the rage at the moment. They are everywhere! And it’s easy to see why. Inexpensive and completely customisable, you can use literally anything to decorate them.  Mache letters are the cheapest option only costing around £1 for an 8 inch letter, but for me the wooden letters just look and feel so much nicer.

I was asked at work to decorate a light MDF fillable letter for a display. These usually cost around £3, if you were wondering compared to the mache letters. Straight away I was overwhelmed with the options at my fingertips but then I knew I had to go super sparkly! Because who doesn’t love glitter and if you’re going to do something you might as well go all out!

So with my MDF letter in hand I chose to paint the whole thing using DecoArt Dazzling Metallics Elegant Finish Paint In Shimmering Silver (£2.50). If you haven’t used these paints before I would definitely recommend them. The coverage is amazing and it gives a beautiful shimmer without streaks. There’s no smell and best of all it dries pretty quickly. They paint onto most surfaces and surprisingly a small bottle goes further than you think. I gave my letter two coats of paint even though you can easily get away with just the one coat.


Next I used these mixed shaped acrylic shapes from Hobbycraft. They are big brightly coloured gems that the photos don’t do much justice, they are gorgeously rich in colour and twinkly. I arranged the gems inside the letter making sure as many gaps were filled as possible, before using a hot glue gun to stick them all down.


With the gems all stuck down it was time to tackle the outside edges of the letter.  I wanted to use glitter but was worried about all of it just falling off when being handled.  Until I remembered the amount of  people who rave about Mod Podge. I’d had this pot of Gloss Mod Podge in my craft cupboard for ages, so was excited to see what all the fuss was about!

I used the Mod Podge as a glue to begin with by just brushing on a layer before sprinkling the glitter on top. I decided to leave it for several hours to allow the Mod Podge to fully set the glitter in place. Once satisfied I brushed another layer on top of the glitter. Granted I was a little freaked out at first at the glitter not being seen at all under the white layer of Mod Podge, but it does dry clear eventually.


The glitter I used was just a Trimits pot in silver. I actually bought this in a local haberdashery and I love it. The pieces are a little chunky but it has a great quality to it without looking cheap and tacky if that makes sense!



All dried and sealed. I can see why people love Mod Podge so much, it did a brilliant job of sealing all of the glitter in place. I loved that it’s so universal and you can just use the one pot of product to do everything you need.


And the finished project and so very sparkly!


















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