Choosing my first pattern to sew

Where to start! There are hundreds of patterns out there and with this being my first ever sewn garment choosing the correct one was important. Mainly out of fear of it going horribly wrong. Consequently, scaring myself to the point of never touching a sewing pattern again! *takes deep breath!* But also because it’s so easy to be over ambitious . It’s best to start from the bottom building up skills as you go. Well at least that’s how I plan to approach things.

I’ve seen and know it to be true that a skirt is often a good starting project, however I’m determined to sew a dress. I love 1950’s styles as they are so flattering and classic. Being pear shaped ,although I actually feel like I’m somewhere between pear and hourglass, this style suits me so well.

Fit and flare dresses are my go to style of dress the majority of the time. So my hunt for such a pattern began! I have a stash of sewing patterns that I’ve built up from all over and after a good old rummage I stumbled across the New Look 6262 pattern.




It is a perfect beginners sewing pattern.  I’ve decided to sew option B even though I love the neckline on C.  The pattern includes back and bust darts, sleeves and a gathered skirt. Here is the back of the pattern envelope…



You can see that the patterns suggested fabrics are cotton lawn, crepe, Sateen and so on. I’ve never sewn with crepe but it’s certainly on my sewing to do list. Cotton poplin would give more drape whereas 100% cotton would have more structure . Being totally torn between poplin and 100% cotton, my decision was decided for me when I came across this gorgeous vibrant blue geometric fabric (photo below). It’s 100% cotton and the pattern means I won’t have to worry about pattern matching between the bodice and skirt. Bonus!

Now just to make it!




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