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Happy Easter!

It’s Easter time already, where on earth is the year going!  However this time of year is so lovely. The weather is getting warmer at last and we’re finally over the January/February blues, that time when we are all feeling the excesses of Christmas, already broken the new years resolutions and fed up of the dreary weather!

Ok maybe I made that sound worse than it is but there is something rather uplifting about entering spring. I always feel a burst of motivation around this time of year. All the places you can start to plan to visit in the next six months and spring cleaning.

After the dreary start to the year it’s so nice to see all the joyful pastels springing up everywhere in shops. It’s a perfect time to start adding some Easter decorations to your home. I think sometimes people often believe Easter is all about kids, chocolate and Easter hunts. When I tell those around me that we decorate our home with the seasons they often look at me with a bit of confusion, wonder and “do you!? really!?”.

But why not! The world is a pretty grim place at the moment and it’s definitely the small touches that you surround yourself with that make it that bit more cheerful.

So here we go, a little round up of some of the Easter decorations and treats in our home this year …….

Cheesy Puff Carrots

I can’t quite believe I’m going to say this but if you find you’re a bit fed up of chocolate (I know! but it does happen!), these cheesy puff carrots are super quick to put together and a great alternative. Simply made using cone shaped cello bags and green curling ribbon they make great little snacks to nibble on at gatherings and Easter parties.


Easter Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes (Mary Berry Recipe). Decorated with butter icing coloured with apple green food colouring, piped using Wilton grass/hair tip No.233. Topped with a Malteaster bunny and Culpitt edible sugar flowers.


Gold Foiled White Chocolate Eggs from Sainsbury’s


Pearlised Eggs from TK Maxx


White China Bunny from Marks and Spencer

Decorated with blue wired ribbon from Hobbycraft



Feather Wreath from local garden center


Clip on Birds from Lidi


 Daisy Heart Wreath from Next



And there you have it! Happy Easter!


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