Fillable Wooden Letters

Decorating letters of the mache and wooden variety are all the rage at the moment. They are everywhere! And it's easy to see why. Inexpensive and completely customisable, you can use literally anything to decorate them.  Mache letters are the cheapest option only costing around £1 for an 8 inch letter, but for me the… Continue reading Fillable Wooden Letters

Baking · Cupcakes

Wimbledon Final Cupcakes!

I'm such a happy Brit right now! Anyone who knows my family will know that we love tennis, so Wimbledon has been permanently on our TV these last two weeks. And best of all Andy Murray won! Throughout the year we always put a few decorations up and create a little spread for events that… Continue reading Wimbledon Final Cupcakes!


Fabric Shopping Haul …. The Brixham Sewing Box

  Today I took a trip to Brixham in Torbay, South Devon. I’ve been there countless times and had to mention the small family run haberdashery located just around the corner from the harbour. It’s one of those shops you just briefly pop into and walk out somehow spending £30! It is small but has… Continue reading Fabric Shopping Haul …. The Brixham Sewing Box


Sewing Box Guide – Part 1 – Sewing Threads

There are a few essentials items that everyone needs in their sewing box. It is best to start off with a few bits and then add to your accessories as you go. This post ended up being a little long (sorry!) so I’ve split it into a miniseries which I’ll post in instalments.   So… Continue reading Sewing Box Guide – Part 1 – Sewing Threads